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For 18 years, DJ Sega has been crushing events and festivals all around the world and back into his hometown, Philadelphia. Making a name for himself has been an understatement, compared to his accomplishments as a Club Music producer, and an international DJ. From touring hundreds of cities around the world to playing the hundreds of dance remixes he produces himself, DJ Sega is already someone you're familiar with; whether you know it or not. Known for holding a club music residency at Jamz Entertainment Center with thousands of teens in attendance, as well as jump-starting the foundational aspects of Mad Decent Records, and the Mad Decent Block Parties, DJ Sega has a golden touch that gives incredible results, and experiences to anyone around him. And his consistency is unmatched.

"Baltimore Club is a love it or hate it type genre. Most people outside of I-695 and your blogger/hipster scenes can't stand it. Even though I've been following the sound for the past few years, I've been diving in head first into the scene recently. Going to B-More reminds me of going to those underground house parties in London during the 2-step/pre-grime era, where a DJ would take the hottest US pop track and put their own spin on it. The B-More culture is the cousin to that UK House scene (most early Baltimore releases were on UK labels) and a whole Black subculture exists 45 minutes up the road that people either hate on or don't know about. The Baltimore sound has spread worldwide, and now there are dudes in other towns putting their own spin on the genre--like Philadelphia's DJ SEGA.
DJ Sega's set at Feedback last week was phenomenal. SEGA is a modern day Andy Warhol, taking bits and pieces of our pop culture and slicing them up into new, and sometimes unrecognizable tracks. SEGA'S set included a bevy of songs from my childhood--"Pinky and The Brain," "Bill Nye The Science Guy," and "Power Rangers,"--in addition to a Quagmire montage from Family Guy, all set to 130 bpm. It's almost like SEGA--who was barely legal enough to be in the club--used the turntables as his canvas during his non stop set of almost all original material.
Clearly DC wasn't ready for the Mad Decent protege, which was a shame. The crowd thinned out considerably during his set, with only the craziest and drunkest people left in the building towards the end. Those who stuck around were treated to one of the future pioneers of the club music genre."
- Marcus Dowling (The Future Is Remixed: DJ Sega) (1/15/2009)

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Interviews & Reviews By The Press

"...My newly made friend DJ Sega, in my opinion was the [...] highlight of the day (debatable cause Diplo killed it too, [...] there was no way he was gonna be upstaged). No one was expecting DJ Sega and when they tried to kick him off stage, I instantly started a "SEGA" chant. I wish nothing but big thing for him..." - Brandon G. Read More

"A few weeks ago, I was listening to the radio on Spotify, and I heard a song that had me dancing in my chair. I didn’t recognize the song, so I looked to see who it was. It was DJ Sega. I LOVED the name, and immediately looked up his work. From his remix of Bodies Hit The Floor to his take on Last Resort, this guy is loaded with talent. He calls his sound “Philly club music”, and pretty much makes a ton of noise. There are even a few tracks he makes mention of Sega, one of the best video game consoles ever released. On his remix of Last Resort, he throws some Lil Jon in there at the most appropriate times. I love it! DJ Sega is about to hit the road and is destroying a city near you soon. I can’t wait to see this guy live. When people think of dubstep, they think of names like Skrillex. Soon enough, people will be adding DJ Sega to that list. Come on people, let’s dance! It’s my pleasure to introduce you to DJ Sega..." - Ricky Potts Read More

Interviews & Reviews By The Press

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